The Most Practical & Sustainable Way to Lose Body Fat, Get Fit, and Feel Great.

Total Body Reboot is a 90-day online program that rescues you from dieting misery and teaches you how to nourish your body with food, movement, and lifestyle habits in a way that sticks.

Do you think that looking great and feeling means having lots of willpower and discipline? Do you think success only comes to those who perfectly micromanage their eating and exercise habits?

This is what the health and fitness industry has told you is “necessary” in order to have a body you love. But it’s not necessary. In fact, it’s crazy-making and almost impossible to sustain (as I’m sure you’ve experienced).

The question is, if you could ditch all those dogmatic strategies and get a body and life you love without obsession, perfectionism, and misery, would you do it?

Of course you would.

Well that’s exactly what’s available to you inside of Total Body Reboot, a 90-day back-to-basics program that combines the science of human wellness with the psychology of human behavior.

And it just works…

…even if you’ve “tried everything.”

…even if you think your body is broken.

…even if you have a laundry list of past failures.

…even if you have no willpower or discipline.

…even if you feel paralyzed by overwhelm.

These are not empty promises. Total Body Reboot has been proven effective with tens of thousands of men and women in over 35 countries around the world. It’s exactly what you need if you want to look great and feel great for the rest of your life without obsession, perfectionism, or the misery of traditional dieting tactics.

I thought I had a good understanding of nutrition and health being a healthcare professional. I was very wrong! After a few short months of Total Body Reboot, my body is better than ever. It’s an incredibly life altering experience and I would never go back to my previous lifestyle. This one is so much better! Alma Medina

Total Body Reboot Client

Real Food

It’s time to eat the delicious, wholesome food your body was designed to eat – the food that empowers true wellness.

functional fitness

It’s time to ditch the excessive cardio model and adopt our two-part functional fitness philosophy to get better results with less commitment.

gut health

Your gut is key to a healthy mind and body. Total Body Reboot brings your gut back into health and balance naturally.

behavior psychology

It’s time to unlock the psychology behind the decisions you make so you can achieve rock-solid consistency forever.

hormone balance

Hormones play a big role in how you look and feel. Total Body Reboot brings your hormones back into alignment naturally.


No two people are the same. Total Body Reboot is a flexible framework that respects your individuality at every step of the process.

Eat like a real human being.

Total Body Reboot is about nourishment. It’s about abundance. It’s about satisfaction.

It’s not about eating like a rabbit, living in constant hunger, or feeling like the odd person out at every meal and gathering.

Eat delicious real food without having to micromanage calories, macros, or carbs.

Eat like a real human being.

Total Body Reboot is about nourishment. It’s about abundance. It’s about satisfaction.

It’s not about eating like a rabbit, living in constant hunger, or feeling like the odd person out at every meal and gathering.

Eat delicious real food without having to micromanage calories, macros, or carbs.

For Men & Women.

Reboot is a practical, back-to-basics approach that’s been proven effective for both men and women.

For All Ages.

Our flexible framework allows us to make adjustments for your age-specific challenges.

Fully Customized.

Our flexible frameork allows us to make adjustments for your individual needs and circumstances.

Fully Guided.

You’re not on your own. If you’re ever stuck or need to know what to do next, we’re one click away.

Completely Online.

Access from anywhere in the world on any computer or mobile device. We have clients in over 35 countries.

Simple to Follow.

If you can send an email, you follow this program. No complicated apps or software to figure out.

Choose From 3 “Mini-Blueprints”

Total Body Reboot serves the three core needs of our clients and is flexible depending on what main goal you want to target.

Fat Loss

Learn how to adjust the Total Body Reboot core framework to turn your body into a metabolic furnance.

Health & Maintenance

The most practical, sustainable, and flexible protocol to achieve vibrant health and effortless maintenance.

Fitness & Performance

Learn how adjust the Total Body Reboot core framework to fuel your body for maximum performance.

Easily switch from one mini-blueprint to the other depending on your needs and goals at specific times of year or based on certain circumstances. Total Body Reboot is always appropriate, regardless of what you’re up to.

Below are the excuses that keep people like you from finding success. Do not fall into these traps!

“I’ve tried everything. I’m broken. These programs always end the same way.”

The average Rebooter has tried over a dozen weight loss and fitness programs in their lifetime and failed at every single one of them. Yet, when they fully embrace Total Body Reboot, they’re wildly successful.

Why? Because Total Body Reboot is nothing like all those other programs you’ve done. Yes, you’ve tried lots of things, but every single one of those things was based on the same underlying tactics – restriction, extremism, willpower, discipline, and micromanagement.

You followed the same basic strategy every time – the only thing that changed was the name and the packaging. So, the reality is that you haven’t tried everything. You’ve never done what you’ll find inside of Total Body Reboot, plain and simple. If you can acknowledge that, you’ll see that it’s not fair to yourself to write this off.

“All of my past attempts at doing this only had one result: three decades of my life, energy, & health wasted because I didn’t have the right plan or the right people on my team. Getting the results I’ve been after for so many years, in a sustainable way, is priceless to me and that’s all thanks to you and your program.”

Cynthia G.

“I’m too busy and stressed out. I have to wait until my life calms down before I do this.”

Guess what? Your eating and fitness habits are a direct reflection of what’s going on in your life. Order creates order. Disorder creates disorder.

The men and women succeeding in Total Body Reboot aren’t all young and single. They’re mothers and fathers of multiple children, busy CEOs, firefighters and nurses, teachers – real people living in “the real world” just like you.

Your life won’t magically get better and present a perfect opportunity for you. It’s time to stop letting life happen to you. It’s time to actively take the reigns and starting playing bigger on your own terms.

“I had no idea that I could get the results I’ve gotten with LESS work, LESS time, LESS effort…I’ve got young kids – that “all day meal prepping” stuff other programs want you to do ain’t gonna fly in my house. Total Body Reboot has saved my sanity. Thank you!”

Marie L.

“I can’t really afford something like this. I wish I could, but I’ll have to make do on my own for now.”

You and I both know that your health and happiness is worth a lot more than a couple hundred bucks. What’s even more unfortunate, though, is that you’re making decisions out of scarcity and out of fear.

This is another reason why you’re struggling with your health and your weight. You’re playing defense. You’re wallowing in your comfort zone. You’re playing by “same old, same old” rules.

This disempowerment game has to stop. Instead of saying “I can’t afford it,” start saying, “What can I do to afford this?” Instead of playing defense, start playing offense. Instead of making decisions out of fear and scarcity, start making decisions out of abundance and trust.

“You want to know what I think of the cost? For the changes I’ve experienced, I would have paid 10x what you charged me. IMO, anyone who complains about the price is off their rocker.”

Danny P.

“I have a family. I don’t want to have to cook separate meals for everyone. We’re not all on the same page.”

Of course your spouse and kids don’t want to be on the same page with you when you’re following restrictive diets that beg for perfection. I don’t blame them.

But Total Body Reboot is not asking you to do any of that. This isn’t about eating like a rabbit or telling your family that everyone’s having avocado toast for dinner. The food you’ll be eating is real, wholesome, and delicious.

Seriously, you could feed your spouse a “rebooted” meal and they’d never know the difference if you didn’t specifically point it out. They’d simply say, “Thank you, that was amazing.” And you can eat out whenever you want, you don’t have to cook all your meals.

“Straight-up, I am loving this new way of life! I’m making great progress with no hunger, walking almost every day, and even my kids are getting into this. So thankful!”

Billy W.

“I’m tired. I’ve tried and tried for so long. I don’t know if I have enough emotional energy to do another program right now.”

I totally understand. I’ve railed against the health and fitness industry for encouraging people to do program after program that has no hope of helping people long-term.

Why? Because it drains people emotionally. And then, when they come across a program that can actually help them, they pass on the opportunity because they feel like their tank is empty.

The good news is that with Total Body Reboot you can take baby steps. You don’t have to dive into the deep end and go to the extremes. You can be the tortoise that goes slow and steady and wins the race. In fact, that’s exactly the kind of approach we ask everyone to take because it’s the best approach.

“I’m loving this program and can’t imagine ever wanting to eat another way again. No counting calories? No weighing/tracking food? No scales? No obsessiveness? Yes please! I’ve become a disciple and tell at least two people a day about Total Body Reboot! It’s literally the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.”

Sonya B.

Fat Loss
Improved Digestion
Improved Cholesterol
Increased Metabolism
Healthier Skin, Hair, & Nails
Improved Energy Levels
Improved Sex Drive
Increased Functional Strength
Improved Endurance
Reduced Inflammation
Improved Blood Pressure
Improved Blood Sugar
Significant Reduction in Stress
Increased Stress Tolerance
Reduction in Medication Use
A Truce With Food
These results are not forced through any superficial or unsustainable dieting practices – they are the natural result of creating a healthy physical and mental environment for the body.

Learn to feed your body the delicious, real food it needs to heal and thrive without obsession or perfectionism.

Achieve effortless sustainability by mastering the psychology of your day-to-day choices and unlocking the secret to real habit formation.
Discover how to reset your relationship with exericse and make movement and fitness a practice you crave.
Toss out all the old, tired, broken advice of the dieting model. Never use a single dieting tactic or strategy ever again.
Experience an integrated approach that accounts for all areas of human health such as sleep, natural hormone stability, and gut health.
Empower yourself with the ability to win in the world you actually live in – to succeed regardless of the circumstances.

-Dawn D. | Total Body Reboot Member

Meet the Creator

Hi, I’m Kevin Michael Geary, founder of, host of the Rebooted Body Podcast, and creator of Total Body Reboot.

I created this program specifically to counter all the quick fix, crazy-making diets that plague this industry and result in nothing but failure and frustration for men and women around the world.

Total Body Reboot a practical, sustainable, principles-based program that serves as a “return to sanity” in our crazy world of extremism and dogma.

I’ve dedicated most of my time, study, and attention since 2013 to developing programs that create long-term success and happiness for my clients instead of chasing the latest and greatest fads for a quick buck.

If you’re ready to adopt simple healthy eating and exercise practices that will work for the rest of your life and stop obsessing over food and fitness crazes, Total Body Reboot is the program for you.

What Our Total Body Reboot Clients Are Saying...

I’m down another 11 pounds, almost to the weight I was in high school. I’m 47 and I have lost more of my gut in less time than with anything I’ve done in the past. The difference is that with Rebooted Body it feels permanent!

Alex Del Rio
Academy Member

I thought I had a good understanding of nutrition and health being a healthcare professional. I was very wrong! After a few short months of Total Body Reboot, my body is better than ever. It’s an incredibly life altering experience and I would never go back to my previous lifestyle. This one is so much better!

Alma Medina
Academy Member

I am stunned at how quickly the body responds to this regimen! People were commenting on superficial changes after only about twelve days, and I’d lost about 15lbs in three weeks. It hasn’t been a piece of cake, but the lack of digestive distress and fatigue I’d grown accustomed to after every meal has been a great motivator in keeping me focused. I’m curious to see what month 2 has in store; in the meantime, thank you for the program!

Shaun Dixon
Academy Member

I have to gloat for just a second. Im 74 days into this and have probably dropped multiple sizes. I fit into some clothes I haven’t been able to fit into in a very. long. while. Feeling good today! Overall stress and anxiety is so much lower too. Rebooted Body has been such a blessing in my life.

Erika Sharek
Academy Member

I’ve lost 28 pounds so far! I’m so inspired and gained so much confidence I decided to do an obstacle race! I’m so ready for next month. By the way this program works!

Dan Giles
Academy Member

I feel 85% better since I started working through the program at Rebooted Body! I have not had a single lightheadedness episode since Sunday. The eczema on my arms is healing, and most of my nagging joint aches are gone. Sleeping is better too! I am so grateful for this program!

Jessica Sullivan
Academy Member

I pulled out my old “skinnier me” clothes and several items now fit! I wore a skirt to church today that I haven’t fit in for over a year and it felt so good.

Holli W.
Academy Member

I’m loving this program and can’t imagine ever wanting to eat another way again. No counting calories? No weighing/tracking food? No scales? No obsessiveness? Yes please! I’ve become a disciple and tell at least two people a day about Total Body Reboot! It’s literally the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.

Sonya Berry
Academy Member
Why is it "pay what you want?"

From 2013 to 2018 I worked full time to build the Rebooted Body project and brand. After five years I felt like I accomplished everything I set out to do, changing the lives of tens of thousands of men and women in over 35 countries around the world.

Today I run other businesses and brands and manage Rebooted Body as a hobby. Rather than shutting it down, I've decided to continue hosting the programs and content so we can continue to help as many people as possible.

While it's "pay what you want," there's a five dollar minimum to cover the costs of maintaining everything and to make sure you have at least a little skin in the game.

With that said, I would strongly encourage you to pay an amount that will force you to take the program seriously so that you take action and get results.

Many people pay $25, $75, $150, and a few have even paid the full retail price. It's totally up to you, but you're likely going to get out what you put in so keep that in mind.

How does the program work?

Total Body Reboot is a step-by-step, module-based online program divided into three parts. Each part is 30 days long, making Total Body Reboot a 90-day program.

If you want to extend the program and spend more time in each stage, you’re welcome to do so. The program is not a diet, a race, or a challenge and once you’ve paid for the program, you own it and can access it for life.

Because this program is based on the science of human health and the psychology of human behavior, we’re able to make these habits and practices stick for life, even if you have a pattern of falling back into old habits.

The process includes support and accountability in the form of a private peer-to-peer support group and weekly group coaching calls with the Rebooted Body team.

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Who is Total Body Reboot right for?

If any of the following resonates, Total Body Reboot is the right program for you:

  • You’re tired of the yo-yo cycle of success and failure.
  • You’re sick of waging a war against food and your body.
  • You’re sick of forcing yourself to engage in fitness practices that aren’t sustainable or fulfilling.
  • You’re sick of suffering from preventable, nagging ailments.
  • You’re ready to adopt a nourishment-focused process that’s sustainable for the rest of your life.
  • You’re done with perfectionism and obsession.
  • You’re fed up with feeling confused and conflicted.
  • You’re fed up with feeling run down.
  • You want to get to a place where you can celebrate your body and its abilities.
  • You want to win without willpower or discipline.
  • You’re sick of counting, weighing, and tracking.
  • You’re ready to be process-focused.
  • You’re ready to start putting yourself first more often.
  • You value high-level coaching, support, and guidance.

While that list is powerful, we don’t want it to seem too easy or too good to be true. There are no magic pills. There are no quick fixes. But if that list makes you say, “that’s me!” then you’ve found your jam.

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Who is Total Body Reboot *NOT* Right For?

Total Body Reboot is not right for you if:

  • You’re looking for another “quick fix,” infomercial fitness product, or quick weight loss gimmick.
  • You want to lose weight “by any means necessary.”
  • You’re hoping to find an “easy street” where all of life’s challenges magically disappear.
  • You’re unwilling to accept coaching and support and you want to do everything your way.
  • You’re going to throw in the towel at the first challenge instead of accepting help.

If any of this sounds like you, do not sign up. Our focus needs to be 100% on the people who want Total Body Reboot and need Total Body Reboot and who trust our process.

If you join and proceed to engage with us in the above ways, we will cancel your membership.

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Does this program include workouts?

Yes. This program includes our complete 2-part movement nutrition philosophy – a core movement practice combined with a supplemental movement practice. It’s everything you need to get in shape and stay in shape without gyms, DVDs, or personal trainers.

Our supplemental movement guide contains two separate 8-week programs for bodyweight strength training and functional resistance training. We also have a morning & night mobility & flexibility program. All this is included and available inside Total Body Reboot.

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How is Total Body Reboot different from what I've done in the past?

Total Body Reboot is radically different. It’s not about running away from things and going to war with food and your body. It’s about running towards the sustainable, practical, nourishing practices that manifest physical, mental, and emotional health.

We know that if you do the work, you will achieve life-changing results in your body and mind. This is a proven program with with people who are 300 pounds overweight, people who are 15 pounds overweight, people who are underweight, people who are in their teens and people in their late 70s…all shapes, sizes, and ages.

We’re challenging you to think differently, to behave differently, and to become the person you’re meant to be. You will not find any dieting dogma in this program. You will find a refreshing, principled approach to human health.

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I don't want to live a life where I can't eat birthday cake, or have a margarita, or bake goodies with my kids.

We don’t want to live that life either. Getting and keeping a body and life you love does not require perfection or obsession. In fact, we argue that anyone trying to follow a program that doesn’t make room for spontaneity and simple enjoyment cannot possibly lead you to having a body *and life* you love.

We are experts in eating psychology and understand what it means to have a healthy relationship with food. You can rest assured that we are not going to steer you down the path of becoming a “crazy health nut” or anything else. Our clients are successful precisely because we show them how to win in the world they actually live in.

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When can I start? What if I fall behind?

Enrollment is open at all times. You get access to stage one and other bonus content immediately upon enrolling and can begin right away.

Of course, we know you’re busy, so we’ve designed the program so you can’t fall behind. You can follow the recommended pace of the program or you can spend more time in each stage. It’s up to you.

The training materials and support are accessible for as long as you need them and we’re constantly making additions and improvements to the program.

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Is the private support community just a Facebook group?

Nope! Our private support community is housed on a fully secure platform that does not manipulate content the way Facebook does and provides full security and encryption for our clients.

This offers our members a much better user experience, better notifications, faster interaction, better private messaging, and more.

It also works on all computers and mobile devices. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality user experience of any online program available.

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What will I be eating? Is the food expensive and hard to find?

Total Body Reboot is a return to simplicity and sanity. Everything you’ll be eating is freely available in your local grocery store, market, and even restaurants. We’ll give you strategies for “upping your game” such as buying local and choosing organic, but you can be successful on this program regardless of where you live or the extent of your food budget.

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What will I get out of this program?

By the end of Total Body Reboot, you will know exactly how to nourish your body with food, movement, and self-care habits to get and keep a body and life you love, forever.

The three primary benefits you’ll get are:

  1. The ability to lose body fat and maintain a healthy weight without conventional dieting tactics, obsession, or perfectionism.
  2. The ability to nourish your body with the right types of foods for your individual needs, free from one-size-fits-all dogma.
  3. The ability to achieve and maintain physical fitness without willpower or discipline using our philosophy of functional fitness and the psychology of human behavior.

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Are you going to try and sell me a bunch of expensive supplements or shakes or anything else?

No. There are no required pills, supplements, shakes, etc. We may have some general supplement recommendations, but they are always optional and never required. The entire goal of the program is to teach you how to be successful without any “special circumstances.”

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I've failed so many times in the past that I'm scared to spend money on this. What do I do?

The vast majority of the clients we work with have decades of past failure. They join Total Body Reboot because they finally recognize the failure of the conventional methods and are ready to try something that’s based on sound principles, the psychology of behavior, and addressing root causes.

Excuse our French, but Total Body Reboot is the program men and women come to when they’re finally sick of all the bullsh*t.

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Can I do this as a Vegan or Vegetarian?

Creating a healthy environment for the body and mind to thrive in requires giving it everything it needs. That’s simply not possible on a Vegan diet, regardless of Vegan marketing that says otherwise. For this reason, the program supports certain Vegetarians (if you eat fish and eggs), but not Vegans.

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