Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings

The Smartest, Most Effective Approach for Beating Sugar & Junk Food Cravings for Good

Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings is a simple 28-Day program that combines powerful behavior psychology principles with gentle, ultra-practical habit adjustments to free you from the grip of sugar once and for all.


The Detox Myth

Almost Everyone Who “Detoxes” From Sugar Relapses. Here’s Why…

Whenever we’re faced with an obstacle or challenge, it seems like our culture’s first prescription is, “just buckle down and make it happen.”

It’s like a brute force kind of thing.

“You can do it. Suck it up. Stop complaining.”

The health and fitness industry is notorious for this, both with exercise and nutrition.

And when it comes to sugar and junk food, it seems like that approach should work. “Just put the fork down. Just stop eating that stuff.”

It’s very logical. “X is bad. Stop eating X.”

That’s where this idea of “challenges” came from. It’s a “challenge,” you see. “I challenge you to quit sugar for 14 days.” Or 21 days or 30 days or whatever, it doesn’t matter.

Very logical, but very brute-forcey.

And surprise, it doesn’t work (even though people do get some pretty great results over the period they’re off sugar, which seems like it should motivate the behavior to stick, right?).

The fact that you relapse in that kind of process actually makes perfect sense when you understand behavior psychology…

The brute force, abstinence-based detox model isn’t a viable solution because it’s a direct psychological trigger in itself.

Bottom line … by doing traditional abstinence-based detoxes, you’re pretty much guaranteed to relapse. Opposition to that kind of process is embedded deep in your psyche as a human being.

The people who create and lead these programs don’t know this, of course, because they haven’t done extensive research into why people behave the way that they do.

They just create some PDF guides, some recipes, and some “rah rah” motivational stuff based on what seems logically obvious and then proceed to lead you down a dead-end road. Over. And over. Again.

I mean, is this seriously the plan? You’re supposed to will yourself to “quit sugar” forever or something?

Or, you’re supposed to do a detox, and then with no other tools or insight or changes to your relationship with food, body, or Self, magically gain the ability to moderate your sugar intake for the rest of your life?

That’s a fairy tale. It’s Crazy Town.

Let’s switch gears. The reasons you’ve failed over and over again are fascinating and you’ve never been properly introduced to them.

They’re also fairly simple to fix once you understand them.

First, you have to acknowledge that all these brute force attempts to quit sugar are never going to work and open yourself up to a smarter, savvier, process.

Question is … are you ready to do that?

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Beating Sugar & Junk Food Cravings Requires a Body-Mind, Psychology-First Approach

Your gut and brain are intimately connected.

Your thoughts and feelings control your actions.

The world around you often feels like it’s designed to make you struggle and fail.

In order to beat cravings and consistently engage in healthy habits, you must take a smarter approach.

Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings is the only online program that takes a “psychology first” approach with a process that creates long-term habit change.

It’s time to start a new chapter – one in which you’re actually in  control.

You’re not a victim

What You’ve Been Told About Sugar is Mostly Wrong, Unhelpful, or Flat Out Misleading

The thing I hate most how our culture approaches this problem of sugar and junk food consumption is how they describe it and what they tell you about it.

“Sugar is as addictive as cocaine,” they say.

“Sugar makes you fat,” they scream.

“Food manufacturers are evil and design these foods to hook into your brain so you can’t stop eating them,” they warn.

Man, if finger pointing burned a solid amount of calories there probably wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic.

Do you realize what all this victim-based rhetoric does?

It disempowers you.

Sugar is evil! Food manufacturers have it out for you! The food supply is broken!

The solution? Escape! Avoid! Abstain!

But wait. Calm TF down.

Not everyone has these problems.

Lots of people have no issues with sugar and junk food at all.

Lots of people are successful (damn near effortlessly I might add) despite the food supply and all these evil food manufacturers with their magically weaponized potato chips.

If sugar and junk food were really the big bad monster in the closet, why don’t they victimize everyone?

Could it be that it’s because there’s really nothing all that special about sugar and junk food, unless certain triggers exist WITHIN YOU?

Look, I know it’s easier to point fingers, but I think you realize that all the finger pointing hasn’t worked (and never will).

Not only does it not work, but it distracts you from taking the actions you really need to be taking to solve the problem.

I know this is the case because I’ve helped thousands of men and women break free and get in control for good.

And I’ll tell you this…

Not a single one of them ever found success by blaming or finger pointing.

To the contrary, every single one of them found success by turning their attention to the unique triggers that exist inside them.

That’s exactly what Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings does for you.

So, if you’re ready to be truly empowered (with actual tools and insights and habits, not fake “rah rah, you can do this abstinence challenge!” empowered) then let’s get started.

I mean, you’ve already taken a big leap forward by embracing three very important ideas:

  1. Brute force detoxing doesn’t work.
  2. You’re not really a victim (unless you choose to be).
  3. Success requires a mind-body, psychology-first approach (which you’ve never tried before).

All that’s left to do now is decide that you’re going to be smarter about this and tackle these challenges from a different angle over the next 28 short days.

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This is Your Ticket to Freedom From Sugar & Junk Food Cravings

Consider how your life might be completely different just 4 short weeks from now…

A brand new relationship with food & fitness.

Complete control over your eating choices.

A healthier, more resilient metabolism.

Less inflammation and fewer nagging ailments.

More energy and focus.

Deeper, more restful sleep.

Less excess weight & body fat.

and often so much more…

program outline

Introducing the Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings Online Program

Week 01

Disarming Your Self-Sabotage Triggers

Instead of diving right into diet and lifestyle, Week One focuses on the key self-sabotage triggers that have been baked into your physiology and psychology and how to fix them so you can find real success moving forward. This is a key foundation that’s missing from other programs.

Fix the underlying triggers that routinely kill your motivation to eat healthy and exercise consistently.

Learn how to neutralize the “reward triggers” that cause you to choose sugar & junk food over healthy food.

Supercharge your “emotional metabolism” so sugar & junk food can stop being your main coping mechanism.

Build more “free space” into your life to dramatically reduce your stress and find your center.

3 modules
62 Minutes
3 Action Items

Week 02

Stabilize Your Metabolism

Week Two continues to install critical psychological principles while beginning the necessary work to bring your haywire metabolism back to a healthy baseline.

Go from being a slave to sugar and “carbage” to complete “metabolic calm” in a single week.

Learn how to change what you’re eating by changing the why behind your eating using a technique called “AWOJ.”

Discover the two main lifestyle triggers (besides diet) that disorder your hormones and spike cravings.

Get a simple explanation of the key cravings hormones and the three basic things you must do to keep them stable.

3 modules
64 Minutes
3 Action Items

Week 03

Metabolic Empowerment

Now that your metabolism is stable, it’s time to make it powerful and resilient. Week Three focuses heavily on turning off your cravings by stoking your metabolic flames.

Discover the concept of “metabolic resiliency” and how to achieve it throughout week three and four.

Discover how to detox from sugar faster, with far fewer side effects, and without the typical extremism.

Learn how to completely neutralize any withdrawal symptoms so they don’t derail your efforts.

Discover the role that healthy fats and protein play in the detox process and a healthy diet moving forward.

3 modules
34 Minutes
6 Action Items

Week 04

A New Relationship With Food

Week 04 is the week that prepares you for life after SDYSC. It’s a framework for a healthy body, a healthy relationship with food, and a life where sugar can be safely re-introduced and effortlessly moderated.

Learn the truth about carbohydrates so you can avoid the dogma and confidently “eat like a normal person.”

Discover the four sneakiest regression triggers and how to beat them so they don’t cause a relapse.

Learn why “mainstream moderation” isn’t actually possible and how to cultivate true moderation (AKA sanity) in your diet.

Learn the three simple, practical pillars of authentic human health so you can easily maintain a healthy body and weight.

3 modules
42 Minutes
4 Action Items

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Who is SDYSC For?

Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings is Right For You If…

You want a simple, sane approach to overcoming sugar & junk food cravings.

There’s plenty of extremist stuff out there. SDYSC is for people who have looked at or tried all the crazy stuff and have decided that they’re done with the insanity. If that sounds like you, SDYSC is a perfect fit.

You want a "psychology-first" program that makes your results stick.

You’ve probably tried to use brute force, sheer will, and perfectionism to beat your cravings and it hasn’t worked for any length of time. If you’re ready to try a smarter mind-body appraoch, it’s time to do SDYSC.

You want to cultivate a healthier relationship with exercise as well.

Exercise and movement are important, but most people’s relationship with exercise is just as damaged as their relationship with food. Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings fixes your relationship with exercise, too.

You've "tried everything" and have yet to experience real success.

There’s nothing I love more than helping people who told me, “Kevin, there’s no hope for me. I’ve tried everything.” It’s happened thousands of times now and it never gets old.

SDYSC is Built For Real People Who Want to Win in Real Life

Doctors, teachers, firefighters, stay at home moms, corporate CEOs – these are the types of people Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings was designed for.

Why? Because real people know that success can’t depend on tons of planning, micromanagement, and extremism.

For results to stick, the approach must be principled, practical, and non-preachy. That’s exactly what you get with Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings.

it’s not for everyone, though

Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings is NOT a Good Fit For You If…

You're looking for a magic pill that doesn't require any effort.

Magic pills don’t exist. If you’re still stuck in the fairy tale that there’s a magic quick fix out there that’s going to liberate you forever, you’re not ready for SDYSC. That kind of mindset causes failure.

You believe sugar is evil and should be cut out forever.

Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings won’t work for you if you’re stuck in the belief that 100% abstinence is necessary. This belief is extreme and impractical and not a good fit for this program.

You love the idea of success but you're not really committed to change.

Lots of people love the idea of success, but when push comes to shove they don’t really want to take action. If that’s you, don’t sign up. I’m not interested in watching people kick the can down the road.

You've been diagnosed with a clinical eating disorder.

For various reasons, I don’t work with men and women who have been clinically diagnosed with an eating disorder. If that’s you, Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings is not appropriate. If you join, you do so at your own risk.

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– Plus –

Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings Also Includes Three Handy Bonus Guides

When you enroll in Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings you will get the following three bonuses…

“Sane Shopping” Grocery Guide

This grocery guide empowers you to fill your fridge and pantry with all the delicious, staple foods that will fuel your metabolism and provide cellular nutrition while making the entire SDYSC process easier.

Daily Movement Practice Guide

Discover the most practical and sustainable approach to fitness and movement so you can create an intrinsically motivated daily practice that keeps you fit and healthy without willpower or discipline.

Complete Guide to Dietary Fat

Incorporating a little more healthy fat into your diet is important for proper hormone function, cellular nutrition, and overall health & satiety. This guide separates facts from dogma so you can easily dial in your diet.

Meet your Mentor

Let’s Talk About How I Became a Leading Expert on Conquering Cravings

Hi, I’m Kevin Michael Geary, founder of and host of the top-ranked Rebooted Body Podcast.

When I started Rebooted Body back in 2013 my mission was to help men and women completely transform their health and wellbeing the same way I had done for myself a half decade earlier.

What I quickly realized is that there’s a massive problem in the health and fitness industry that very few people are willing or able to address – the fact that most men and women are unable to find success even when they know what they’re supposed to do day in and day out.

The reason for this is simple: they’re ruled by “cravings” and “temptations” and “choices of convenience” and have a generally poor relationship with food, fitness, and healthy habits.

You’ve probably experienced this in your own life. You’ve probably thought to yourself, “If I could just be consistent with my healthy habits, I’d have the body and life I want.”

It’s that consistency that so many people struggle with.

So, this question – “Why do so many people fail even when they have all the right information?” – is the exact question I turned my entire focus to and it’s the primary problem I’ve spent the last 6 years researching and working to solve.

In fact, this is such a key area of focus for me that in 2018 I shut down every program I was running that didn’t specifically focus on cravings, eating psychology, and emotional eating.

I’m not your personal trainer and I’m not your “functional health” guru.

I’m an expert in getting you back in control of your eating choices and your healthy habits using my unique blend of science and psychology … period.

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I joined Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings because I know I will never reach the goals I have for myself unless I do something to get in control around processed foods. This program hits the nail on the head. The strategies I’ve learned and implemented throughout the 4 weeks actually work and I have no doubt that the results are going to stick because I’m not forcing anything.

Mark H.

Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings Member

I like the concept of having “a healthy relationship with food” but I didn’t really understand what that meant. I’ve now completed the program and I can FEEL what that phrase means. Let me tell you, it’s completely liberating. And I know this isn’t a weight loss program, but I dropped 9 pounds during the 4 weeks as well. A bonus!

Martina S.

Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings Member

I was a little skeptical when I started because I’ve done other programs in the past, but I can say without a doubt that what Kevin has created here has taught me more about myself and my relationship with food than all the other programs I’ve done combined. This program is a game changer.

Jill C.

Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings Member

This is easily the most effective program I’ve ever done. It was also the easiest because of the baby step approach it takes. If you want to win big, join Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings. You’ll love it.

Jackie Y.

Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings Member


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about SDYSC? Check for answers here. If you don't find what you're looking for, click the icon at bottom right to reach out.

When is Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings in session?

Good news! We're no longer doing limited enrollment periods – Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings is now open for enrollment at all times! We wanted to make the program accessible for you when you're most motivated instead of making you wait, so get enrolled today and you can begin immediately.

How is the program delivered?

The program is delivered week-by-week for four weeks. Each week contains an introduction video, three main modules with video and text, and then an action items module that outlines exactly what to take action on that week.

It's designed to be as quick and simple as possible since most of my clients are busy moms and dads. There's absolutely zero fluff in this program.

Can I access the program from my phone or tablet?

Absolutely. This program works on all devices and is very easy to access and follow from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

How long will this program take each week?

Since most of my clients are busy moms and dads, this program has been designed as efficiently as possible. It focuses only on what's truly important to your short and long-term success, which keeps each week of trainings to less than a single hour.

And since it's broken up into separate modules each week with progress tracking, you can easily go through the trainings across multiple sessions and never lose track of what you've already done.

Will I lose weight on this program?

While SDYSC is not designed to be a weight loss program, nearly every client with excess body fat loses weight throughout the program due to the nature of the simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

So wait, does SDYSC actually show me how to eat healthy, too?

Yep. I hoped you'd notice 🙂

Not only are you going to break free from sugar and junk food cravings during this program, you're going to have the tools and insight necessary to implement a healthy diet in a practical, sustainable way (based primarily on real, whole foods, but without being dogmatic and perfectionistic).

I've done sugar detoxes before and the results never stick. How is SDYSC different?

Great question! Most sugar detoxes use a "brute force" approach of demonizing sugar, completely abstaining, and going to the extremes of dietary change.

That type of approach, which can have short-term success, almost always triggers a relapse at some point beyond the 30-day mark.

Plus, these programs do nothing to address the underlying issues with your relationship with food and fitness.

Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings uses a psychology-first approach which completely removes all the self-sabotage triggers and opens the door for emotionally effortless, long-term success.

Are there any required supplements or additional purchases?

Nope. This is a natural, supplement-free program. Nothing else is required to achieve success in Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings.

Do you provide recipes and meal plans?

Traditional sugar detoxes provide you with recipes and meal plans because they're not actually providing you with real tools and insight. It's the whole "give a person a fish" versus "teach a person how to fish" thing.

SDYSC teaches you how to fish and how to live without being a slave to specific recipes, meal plans, rules, etc. While this probably feels different (because it is), these differences are exactly why SDYSC actually works.

If you want to do the same old, same old programs with the same old, same old recipes and meal plans, you're welcome to do so. If you're ready to make real changes that actually empower you and stick for good, then SDYSC is a much better option.

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