This is Health Coaching the Way It Should Have Always Been.

Powerful, life-altering success isn't about cutting calories, it's about connecting dots. Very important dots.

Comprehensive & Holistic

Our coaching offers a complete immersion into our Eat-Move-Live philosophy with full guidance on nutrition, movement, self-care, and healing your relationship with food, body, and Self.

Designed to Elevate

it’s time to play the game of life at a higher level. You can’t get a body and life you love from inside your comfort zone.

100% Customized

We use our experience in working with thousands of men & women in over 35 countries around the world—busy parents, high-powered CEOs, second-shift workers, teachers, and more—to help you craft a nutrition, movement, and self-care practice that fits perfectly into your individual lifestyle.

One Goal

The entire focus is on getting and keeping a body and life you love in the most physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy way.

Private Coaching is Full.

Our private coaching packages start at $2750. All available spots are currently full. If you’re interested in working with us at this time, join the Rebooted Body All Access membership community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about about private coaching at Rebooted Body.

Who is Private Coaching For?
Most of the clients we work with and find success with have been struggling for decades with nutrition, fitness, body composition, body image, a dysfunctional relationship with food, body, and Self, overeating, binge eating, stress eating, a lackluster life, and so on.

If you’re tired of struggling and you’re ready to embrace the principles that we teach and advocate for, and you want our undivided attention and support, then private coaching is for you.

Most of our clients participate in our group programs (Total Body Reboot & Decode Your Cravings), but we have limited private coaching slots available for you if you want the most personal, immersive, and transformative experience.

Who will my coaches be?
All private coaching clients get to work directly with Rebooted Body founder, Kevin Michael Geary as well as Zach Franke (Health Coach Zach), head coach of the Rebooted Body Academy. If you don’t know who Kevin is, you’re not ready for coaching yet. Spend a little more time around Rebooted Body and learn more about Kevin and our philosophy. You can hear Kevin personally on the podcast or our YouTube channel.
How long does coaching last?
The initial coaching term is 6 months for all new coaching clients. After that, we provide coaching in three and six month intervals.
Is there a set program or outline?
There is no set program outline for private coaching. If you’re looking for a concrete program outline, you may be better served by our group programs. Private coaching clients pay for Kevin and Zach’s expertise in listening and intuitively guiding the work exactly where it needs to go for maximum results. It’s an approach that’s 100% tailored to you as an individual.
I have other questions before I schedule a strategy call.
If you have other questions prior to scheduling a strategy call, please send them to