Put an End to Yo-Yo Dieting & Make Your Healthy Habits Feel Automatic.

Why do some people succeed where most fail? I’ve studied tens of thousands of men and women to find the answer to that exact question. In my “Make it Stick” Master Class, I’m going to teach you the 5 secrets of consistency so you can end the yo-yo cycle that you’ve struggled with for years.

This class is your ticket to never needing willpower or discipline ever again.

“‘Make it Stick’ is my favorite workshop to teach. It’s ‘lightbulb moment’ city for people – I love watching people connect such important dots.”
– Kevin Michael Geary | Founder

01: Intro

There’s an epidemic of people failing to make healthy habits stick & achieve lifelong results.

03: Reward Realization

Learn how to force your brain to give preference to healthy habits over unhealthy habits.

05: Relationship Redux

Discover why your habits have been controlling you instead of you controlling them.


This isn’t just about experiencing powerful light bulb moments, it’s about taking specific actions.

02: Motivation Mastery

Make this one simple shift and you’ll never say, “I lost motivation” ever again.

04: Sustainable Stamina

Learn how to make your “Consistency Control Center” stop short-circuiting.

06: Sabotaging Strategies

These “healthy” behaviors have been sabotaging your efforts this entire time.

Next Steps

Take your confidence and momentum into the next phase of getting a body and life you love.

"Wow, I love Kevin’s approach and communication style. He talks about lifestyle in a way that you can understand and get really excited about. I joined his Total Body Reboot program immediately after taking this class. I'm more inspired and confident than ever!"

– Diana

Enroll Now & Unlock Automatic Consistency So You Can Stop the Frustrating Yo-Yo Cycle You’ve Been Stuck In.

We have two ways to access the “Make it Stick” Master Class. Choose the option that works best for you.

What’s Included…

The Full Master Class

Lifetime access to all 7 video recordings of life-altering advice that will take you from lifelong yo-yoer to effortlessly consistent.

IM Fitness Practice Guide

This guide, when paired with the lessons in Make It Stick, will completely change your relationship with exercise.

Immediate Payoffs Guide

This guide, when paired with the lessons in Make It Stick, will train your brain to prefer healthy habits over unhealthy habits.

Margin Makeover Guide

This guide, when paired with the lessons in Make It Stick, will create the conditions in your life that are necessary for long-term success.

Relationships Redux Guide

This guide, when paired with the lessons in Make It Stick, will create a meaningful shift in your relationships with food, body, and Self.

30-Day Guarantee

All of our classes, courses, and programs come with a 30-Day guarantee to put all the risk on us and none of the risk on you.


Have questions about “Make it Stick?” We’ve got answers…

How long is the master class?

The online Master Class is about 2 hours of content split into 7 separate modules. The live workshop is a 6-hour workshop.

Who is this master class for?

“Make it Stick” is designed for men and women who have a history of yo-yo dieting and problems with consistency with implementing healthy habits.

What am I going to learn?

You’re going to learn exactly why you behave the way you behave when it comes to healthy habits and what changes to make so you can make your healthy habits feel automatic and not forced.

Can my family do this master class with me?

Anyone in your household can participate in this class for no additional charge. Sharing this class outside of your household is strictly prohibited.

Do you offer coaching or support?

We offer an optional, no-contract support and coaching membership. Anyone who has this membership can attend our group coaching calls and access our private support groups.

What if I don't like the class?

If you feel like this class isn’t as promised, we’ll promptly refund your money (Online Master Class). There are no refunds on live workshop tickets.

"I feel like I just discovered the missing links in my 30-year health journey."

– Jon

Meet Your Instructor

Kevin Michael Geary is the founder of Rebooted Body and host of the top-ranked Rebooted Body Podcast. He’s spent years studying the psychology of successful and unsuccessful people in the world of health and fitness and has helped tens of thousands of people around the world get and keep a body and life they love through his teachings and programs.