Harness the wisdom of your body, stop micromanaging your eating habits, and call a truce with food.

It’s quite silly, isn’t it? Picture two lions arguing about dinner. Suddenly, you hear, “I can’t go hunting tonight, Mufasa, I’m out of points!”


Lions are badasses. Their eating habits are instinctual.

What if the same was true for you? Wouldn’t you rather be like a lion (or really any other wild animal on Earth)?

What if eating a true human diet, at the appropriate times, and in the appropriate quantities, just happened for you automatically?

If this were possible, it would remove all the tracking, weighing, counting, and obsessive practices from your life. Wouldn’t it?

Yet, you would still maintain a healthy weight. Things would never get out of control. Just like our lion friend.

How would that feel? Is it even possible?

Of course, it’s possible! If you think it isn’t, you’re joining the silly camp of people who argue that human beings are the only animal that has to manage their eating with charts, graphs, and apps.

The question is: how do we get there?

The first thing to understand is that this is a part of us we’ve always had. For most of human history, we ate through instinct. Only recently did we become fragile, domesticated, micromanagers of eating.

By making eating instinctual again, you can free yourself from the domesticated “control” mechanisms you’ve been trying to use. In other words, you can be a badass, too.

It’s important to make a distinction between being in control and being controlling.

Micromanagers are not in control, they are controlling. They are reactive, not proactive. The people and things they manage are in control of them because the micromanager is always needed (or so they think).

In this relationship, there is no harmony. It is rife with unhappiness. The people being managed are unhappy because they feel the lack of trust and autonomy. The micromanager is unhappy because they’re always putting out fires and feeling like everything would go haywire without them.

If you are honest with yourself, you can see all this happening in your relationship with food. You are the micromanager. Calories, macros, “bad foods,” “good foods,” micronutrients, supplements, shakes, and recipes are all things you work to control.

Little do you realize, all these things are controlling you. They consume your thoughts. They consume your time. They consume your physical, mental, and emotional resources.

When the office micromanager looks at sales reports and schedules, she scrambles to put out fires. When you, the micromanager of your eating, step on a scale or look in the mirror, you do the same.

Since this relationship with food is oppositional, there is friction and resistance. It’s a constant battle. It feels like you’re fighting in a war for health and happiness.

Let me tell you something. Health and happiness will never be achieved through war. These precious gifts will never be achieved by a micromanager. They will never be achieved by a controlling reactionary.

Lifelong health and happiness are only achieved by men and women who are consistent with healthy habits. Not because they’re controlling, but because those habits are instinctual. These are men and women who operate from a position of confidence and power rather than weakness. Like a lion.

That is who we are going to teach you to become.

  • That you will never have to count, track, or otherwise calculate calories ever again.
  • That you will not have to consciously rely on traditional “portion control” tactics.
  • That you will never have to arbitrarily abstain from specific foods.
  • That you will never need to rely on intricate recipes or tons of planning and preparation for healthy eating.
  • That you will gain the ability to moderate your eating and “eat like a normal person.”
  • That you will no longer be manipulated by perfectionism and black-and-white thinking.
  • That you will enjoy freedom from shame, guilt, and regret attacks.
  • That food will no longer be an opponent or an enemy.
  • That you will enjoy more flexibility with meal sizes and meal timing than at any other point in your life.
  • That you will enjoy a wider variety of foods than ever before.

Media happened to it. CULTure happened to it. Your parents happened to it. Epigenetics happened to it. Domestication happened to it.

If you have to boil it down to one thing, it’s domestication. That encompasses all the others.

Domestication equals a loss of instinctual behavior. It equals an unnatural diet. It equals sedentary behavior. It equals depression.

This domestication has caused a disconnect between you and the food you eat. It’s caused a disconnect between you and your body. It’s caused a disconnect between you and others.

The result of this disconnect is that you don’t know what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, or even why you’re eating half the time.

When you’re not focused on your health, it’s a food free for all. When it’s “time to be healthy,” you obsessively micromanage everything. Or, you hire someone to micromanage it with you.

You visit a grocery store full of real food and come home with the human equivalent of Kibbles ‘n Bits. You go out to a restaurant and eat until you have to unbutton your pants. You turn on Netflix and reach for the treats.

Why are you eating when you’re not hungry? You’re not sure. Most of the time you eat simply because you think you’re supposed to. Or, because you’re afraid of hunger. Or, because someone told you it was time to eat. Or, because it feels good and you need it.

This type of relationship with food is chaos. When you’re “on plan,” it feels like chaos from a management perspective. When you’re “off plan,” it feels like chaos from a lack of control perspective.

Instinctual eating puts an end to all this chaos and restores order. It repairs the connections that have been severed. And it removes you from the domestication process, freeing you from further dysfunction.

You can’t afford to subject yourself to this chaos any longer, can you?


A complete overview of what an instinctual eating practice looks like, what it helps you accomplish, and why it’s absolutely necessary for getting a body and life you love and maintaining that success for the rest of your life.

A New Narrative

You harbor certain beliefs that are harming your relationship with food. It’s time to free yourself from that story and start writing a new narrative.

Harness Your Body’s Wisdom

Your body is the most accurate, dynamic, and trustworthy system for managing eating habits. By the end of this module, you will be ready to step into your innate power and wisdom.

Wired To Eat

You are wired to eat certain foods, for varying reasons, at specific times. In this module, you’ll see how this wiring is set up, how to prevent it from short-circuiting your efforts, and how to leverage it for success.

Instinctual Nutrition

What you eat is just as important as when you eat and how much you eat. Focusing your attention on foods that serve you well will make instinctual eating even easier.

The 3-3-30 Method

This is the foundation of honing your instincts. First, we’ll show you the fastest way to improve the accuracy of your body’s internal signaling. Next, we’ll show you how to tune into that signaling so you can end all food micromanagement within 30 days.

Embracing Freedom

If you’ve been in food micromanagement prison for a long time, “life on the outside” might feel uncomfortable at first. It might even feel scary. This is normal and we’ll give you clear guidance for finding comfort in your newfound freedom.

Beyond Food

It’s time to level-up. As the connection with your body deepens, we’ll guide you on making sleep, movement, and other self-care habits just as instinctual as your eating is.

This is the first time we’ve put our Instinctual Eating method into a dedicated program.

Hi, I’m Kevin Michael Geary, founder of Rebooted Body.

Our world-class online programs have changed the lives of thousands of men and women in over 35 countries around the world. We’ve also spent years doing private coaching outside of those programs, both online and offline.

Because eating psychology is our specialty, all of our private coaching and program models touch on different areas of instinctual eating. They have to because instinctual eating is critical to lifelong success.

However, this Instinctual Eating online program is very unique. It’s the first time we’ve taken all the aspects of our Instinctual Eating methodology and packaged it into a comprehensive, step-by-step process.

This process delivers all the benefits of instinctual eating at an unprecedented value. Whether you’re using this program as a starting point for success or as a supplement to the work you’re already doing, this program is going to elevate your journey to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the Total Body Reboot online program…

Who is Instinctual Eating right for?

This program is right for you if:

  • You want to stop micromanaging your eating.
  • You’re ready to call a truce with food.
  • You’re tired of being obsessive and perfectionistic.
  • You want to connect with and leverage the wisdom of your body.
  • You want to “eat like a normal person.”
  • You want freedom from rules & restrictions without feeling out of control.
  • You want to be a badass when it comes to eating.
What's the difference between this program and your other programs?

This program solves one very important piece of the success puzzle. It teaches you how to reconnect with the wisdom of your body and empowers you to let go of the micromanagement of your eating. This makes the program highly valuable as either a first step or as a supplement to our other programs.

As a first step, you’re going to lay a solid foundation that the other programs will build on. If you’re already doing our other programs, this program will make you more successful, remove friction and resistance, and accelerate your success.

How is the program delivered?

The curriculum is delivered via a combination of an online curriculum, downloadable workbooks, short online videos, and short audio lessons (streaming—no downloads required).

The program is broken down into easily digestible modules. This prevents information overload and helps you implement one thing at a time. This makes the program manageable, practical, and actionable.

Do you give specific meal plans, help us use food tracking apps, tell us how many calories to eat, etc.?

No. Lions don’t need any of those things. All of that is what we’re freeing you from!

What will I get out of this program?

By the end of our 30-day Instinctual Eating program, you will have a new way of approaching eating that will serve you for the rest of your life. You will have a solid foundation to support all of your other healthy habits and you will be free from the need to micromanage your eating.

Are you going to try and sell me a bunch of expensive supplements or shakes or anything else?

No. Lions don’t need gimmicks.

Can I do this as a Vegan or Vegetarian?

This program is available to all-comers. Every single man, woman, and child on Earth can benefit from developing an instinctual eating practice.

Can I speak to someone before I join?

Absolutely. Give us a call at (855) 487-2375.