These Two Powerful Programs Are The Missing Link to Finally Getting a Body & Life You Love…

Want to look great and feel great for the rest of your life without obsession, perfectionism, or the misery of conventional dieting tactics? Then listen up…

The health and fitness industry has missed the mark when it comes to helping struggling men and women like you (it’s no secret that they have a 95% failure rate).

It’s not because they’re dishonest or that they only care about making a quick buck. Most trainers, program designers, and coaches are well-intentioned people who truly want to help you.

Unfortunately, they’re wrapped up in parroting old, tired advice that clearly doesn’t work. Because of that, they’ve unintentionally wrapped you up in years of failure and frustration.

What we all need to do is take a step back, take a breath, and look at the problem from a different angle. If you can do that, here’s what you’ll see…

This problem (that we all face) is a two-part problem.

Problem one has to do with human health – what we eat, how we move, and how we choose to live. If you’re eating the wrong things, moving in the wrong ways, and living in an unhealthy environment, you can’t ever hope to be successful.

Problem two has to do with human behavior – why you eat the foods you eat, why you live the way you live, and why you continue to make unhealthy choices even if you know what you’re “supposed to be doing.” If you can’t consistently make choices that are in alignment with your goals, you can’t ever hope to be successful.

As you can see, both parts of the problem have to be solved in order for you to make your results stick. But the programs you’ve been doing and the trainers and coaches you’ve been listening to don’t know how to address both effectively.

Why? Because “fixing” one problem often breaks the other.

Obsessive dieting tactics that are impractical and require lots of willpower and discipline will break your behavior after a certain amount of time. And adopting a full-blown “intuitive eating” approach where there are no real guidelines or checkpoints can easily break your health.

This is exactly what’s been causing your yo-yo cycle of failure and frustration. When you “fix” one problem, you break the other. And vice versa.

There hasn’t been a real solution that has been able to fix both problems, for good, until now.

I thought I had a good understanding of nutrition and health being a healthcare professional. I was very wrong! After a few short months of working with Rebooted Body, my body is better than ever. It’s an incredibly life altering experience and I would never go back to my previous lifestyle. This one is so much better!

Alma Medina

Rebooted Body Client

I’m a personal trainer working through some mindset & eating psychology challenges. Of all the programs I have come across over the last ten years, yours has hit me and resonated with me at a very deep and meaningful level. There is nothing like this out there. Even precision nutrition is not as good as this.

Jim Hart

Rebooted Body Client

Have you ever seen an obese wolf?

The contrast between humans and wild animals is fascinating when you start paying attention.

Wolves in the wild never seem to be obese, do they? But it’s not because they’re impervious to being obese. It’s quite easy to make a wolf obese, in fact. And sick.

Want to know how to take a wolf from healthy and fit to fat and sick? Domesticate it. Bring it into your home, feed it packaged kibble and table scraps, and let it cuddle you while you binge-watch Netflix.

And if you do that for a few generations you’ll have a “dog” that’s overweight, in relatively poor health, that has skin and joint issues.

You don’t see this stuff happening in the wild much, if at all, even though wolves don’t have Fitbits, spreadsheets, cute little points booklets, protein shakes, P90X, or avocado toast.

So, how in the world do they succeed? How do they not get obese without all the modern tools we have at our disposal?

It’s very simple. They have their instincts and lots of access to real food, sunlight, sleep, and movement. That’s it, really. It’s domestication that causes all the problems.

Like wolves, humans used to be wild animals. And the more we domesticate ourselves, the bigger our problems get.

Now, we’re not saying you need to strip naked, build a campfire in your front lawn, and then persistence hunt your neighbor’s cat.

Please don’t do that! You don’t even have to leave your precious, comfortable life of Macaroons and Modern Family.

But you do have to shift your environment away from one of pure domestication and toward one that actually supports your body and the health outcomes you want to achieve.

You also need to stop overcomplicating things, micromanaging every minute of your life with spreadsheets and calculators, and driving yourself crazy with dieting tactics. Wolves don’t do that stuff and neither should you.

All it takes to fix your health issues is a return to sanity and simplicity. Real food that aligns with your biological programming, functional movement that you enjoy, sleep, and a healthful environment.

Diets, detoxes, cleanses, obsession, perfectionism, and all the other conventional shenanigans are not pieces that fit into the real puzzle of success – all those things do is drive you insane.

If you change the wolf’s environment back to one that looks more like it’s natural environment, all its health issues go away. Bodies heal and yours will do the same thing once we make the right changes.

I’ve been going to the gym for 10 years, swimming, running, hiking, and doing martial arts. I came to Rebooted Body to make things more intuitive and less obsessive, and reach the last few goals I have. I’m telling you, nothing has given me the results or the wellbeing that Rebooted Body has.

Khaled M.

Rebooted Body Client

Real Food

A healthy body requires healthy food. Just eat mostly food you were biologically programmed to eat – stuff that was previously alive.

functional movement

A healthy body requires healthy movement. Not insane cardio, just functional fitness, restorative movement, and play.


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so free yourself from all the rules and dogma. Learn what works best for your body.


Life can be hectic. You need a program that adjusts easily to your changing goals and circumstances.

Did you know that it’s possible to have all the right information about what to eat and how to exercise and still fail?

Of course you do – your own experiences validate this!

We both know you’re not dumb. If having a body and life you love was an information & logic problem, you would have been successful a long time ago.

The unfortunate reality is that lifelong success is not an information & logic problem – it’s a heart, soul, and psychology problem.

Food – especially processed, hyper-platable food – is the most popular drug for comfort, control, and coping. For roughly 2/3 of men and women, this manifests as stress eating, emotional eating, binge eating, boredom eating, and convenience eating.

On top of that, can you admit that you tend to live a life of great convenience – not getting much movement outside the scope of traditional exercise?

And has your relationship with exercise been harmed by the idea that the only relevant type of exercise is a “no pain, no gain” workout that you requires discipline, a trainer, and an accountability partner to stay consistent with?

These issues – combined with the natural stressors we encounter every day with work, family, and life itself – all create a gap between your behavior and your good intentions.

Now that you understand this, you can see why food and fitness “facts” will never fix your inconsistency and failure issues.

Logic and information are great things to have, but they fail to meet this particular challenge. The only way you will ever find consistent and lasting success is by changing your psychology – changing your relationship with food and exercise, and healing your triggers.

Our process is the most powerful online program for creating this shift inside you. It’s the missing link – the bridge between your good intentions and your daily habits.

Our Decode Your Cravings program is the most powerful program ever created for getting a body and life you love because it empowers you take everything you know about human health and make it stick…forever.

This program goes beyond anything I have ever done with regard to really understanding why I make the decisions I do – in all spheres of my life from what I eat, to how I make money, to how I interact with my family, and to how I know myself. If you do the work, you will find yourself. It doesn’t change you – you uncover your real self here. It’s hard work but the benefits are immeasurable!


Rebooted Body Client

end the perfectionism

Culture has programmed you to approach food, health, and fitness with an oppositional, micromanager mindset. We’ll fix that.

beat your triggers

Identify the exact biopsychosocial triggers that manipulate your behavior and rid them from your life forever.

Play Bigger

Instead of running away from cravings, we’ll guide you closer to what you truly crave. In the process, you’ll feel more fulfilled than ever.

Self-Care (For Real)

You’re not going to get ahead by investing all your physical, mental, and emotional resources in everyone else. It’s time to tend to you.

manage your reactions

What’s the part of you that takes over when you’re in a triggered state and how can you manage that part of you? We’ll give you all the answers.

sculpt your habits

What really makes or breaks a habit? It’s not what you think. Our process creates real habits that stick forever.

Two Powerful Programs Working Together.

Decode Your Cravings & Total Body Reboot are 90-day programs that solve the two core problems you’ve been struggling with for years.

Total Body Reboot

This 3-part, 90-day program will show you how to make simple, practical, non-dogmatic tweaks to your eating, movement, and lifestyle habits so you can look great and feel great.

decode your cravings

This 3-part, 90-day program will show you how to consistently align your behavior with your good intentions, end emotional eating, and unlock the keys to lifelong consistency.

For Men & Women.

We’ve helped thousands of men and women in over 35 countries around the world with our flexible approach.

For All Ages.

We understand age-specific challenges with both health and mindset and have clients from ages 18 to 85.

Fully Customized.

Our flexible frameork allows us to make adjustments for your individual needs and circumstances.

Fully Guided.

You’re not on your own. If you’re ever stuck or need to know what to do next, help is one click or call away.

Completely Online.

Access from anywhere in the world on any computer or mobile device – wherever you can access the internet.

Simple to Follow.

If you can send an email, you follow our approach. No complicated apps or software to figure out.

Start Today.

We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work with you. Choose your plan below & get instant access. They’re all the same – it’s a matter of budgeting.

11 monthly payments


  • $129 first payment and then 11 payments of $59 – provides lifetime access to the Decode Your Cravings curriculum, Total Body Reboot, weekly group coaching calls, and private support groups.

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6 monthly payments


  • $129 first payment and then 5 payments of $129 – provides lifetime access to the Decode Your Cravings curriculum, Total Body Reboot, weekly group coaching calls, and private support groups.

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Single Payment


  • One single payment of $695 with no recurring charges – provides lifetime access to the Decode Your Cravings curriculum, Total Body Reboot, weekly group coaching calls, and private support groups.

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Don’t want the bundle? You can buy access to Total Body Reboot by itself. Click here.

30-Day Quality Guarantee.

We offer a 100%, 30-day Purchase Protection period so you can gain access and verify that the program is well-designed and that we’re serious about getting you a body and life you love. However, once you see that we're serious, we expect you to be serious as well---to take this program seriously. We've been running this program for years and we know that it will work if you do the work.

We’re looking for serious men and women only. We take our program environments seriously and maintain a very high standard of positivity, encouragement, and action-oriented learning.

We invest a significant amount of time and resources into every client. If you’re just going to sign up so you can kick the can further down the road and then ask for a refund, this program is not for you.

With this purchase protection period, there is absolutely no risk to you. Enroll now, verify that everything is as we say it is, and then let's get to work getting you the best body and life you've ever had.

Have questions? Here’s some answers…

How do the programs work?

Both programs are step-by-step, module-based programs divided into 3 parts. Each module clearly communicates what you need to know do in order to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Total Body Reboot solves the human health problems you’ve been having and Decode Your Cravings solves the human behavior (consistency) problems you’ve been having.

While you can approach this program as a “do it yourself” program, it works best when you accept support and coaching. You’ll have access to private peer-to-peer support groups as well as group coaching calls led by Rebooted Body founder, Kevin Michael Geary.

The effectiveness of this process has been proven by thousands of men and women in over 35 countries around the world. It is the most powerful system available for healing your getting and keeping a body and life you love.

When can I start? What if I fall behind?

Enrollment is open at all times. You get access immediately upon enrolling and can begin right away.

Of course, we know you’re busy, so we’ve designed the programs so you can’t fall behind. The training materials and support are accessible for as long as you need them.

Who are these programs not a good fit for?

To be clear, these programs are not for everyone. We don’t want everyone to join, we only want the right people to join.

If you are looking for magic pills, crash diets, or effortless fixes this is not a good fit for you.

If you’re looking to achieve extreme body changes like being ultra lean, getting “ripped” and “shredded,” or “bodybuilding,” this process is not for you.

What will I get out of this program?

A body and life you love and freedom from obsession, perfectionism, and the misery of conventional dieting tactics.

How long does it take to get results?

Not overnight. Did we make that clear? Not overnight.

You are going to get some results very quickly and other results over time.

The program is designed to help you collect small wins quickly, build your “success snowball,” and use that snowball to trample some of the larger challenges you face. It’s a very systematic and empowering approach.

I don't want to live a life where I can't eat a slice of cake, have a margarita, or bake goodies for my kids.

We don’t want to live that life either. Getting and keeping a body and life you love does not require perfection. In fact, we argue that anyone trying to follow a program that punishes spontaneity and excludes simple enjoyment cannot possibly lead you to having a body *and life* you love.

We are experts in eating psychology and understand what it means to have a healthy relationship with food. You can rest assured that we are not going to steer you down the path of becoming a “crazy health nut” or anything else. Our clients are successful precisely because we show them how to win in the world they actually live in.

Are the peer-to-peer support groups hosted on Facebook? I don't really do Facebook.

Nope! Our private support community is housed on a fully private and secure platform that does not manipulate content the way Facebook does.

This offers our members a much better user experience, better notifications, faster interaction, better private messaging, and more. It also works on all computers and mobile devices. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality user experience of any online program available.

I'm scared I'm going to fail. I have a long track record of failure.

We know 🙂

That’s why you’re here.

This is different. If you don’t understand why it’s different, go back to the top and read each section again. My team and I are experts in understanding why you’ve been failing and have designed these programs specifically to fix those problems.

Do I have to pay extra for my spouse to participate?

Every single person in your household is welcome to access the programs, bonus materials, guides, and assessments at no additional charge. If anyone in your household wants their own login in order to access the coaching calls and the private support groups we have a discounted add-on fee for them.

Can I speak to someone before I join?

Absolutely. Give us a call (or text us) at 1-855-487-2375.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we offer a 30-day purchase protection guarantee. That’s plenty of time for you to make sure the program is a good fit for you.

Meet the Creator

Kevin Michael Geary is the founder of Rebooted Body and host of the award-winning Rebooted Body Podcast. He’s spent the last decade studying the history of human eating and the psychology of human behavior. First, to rescue himself from obesity and health complications, and then to help rescue thousands of men and women around the world.

While losing more than 60 pounds and solving his pre-diabetes issues by ignoring all the conventional rules, he recognized a massive gap in the health and fitness industry – the fact that nobody was addressing the root causes of people’s inconsistency (something he struggled with personally his entire life, failing at diet after diet).

Kevin’s work is highly respected among coaches, trainers, doctors and researchers in the functional health space and he’s been interviewed on more than two dozen podcasts and radio shows.

Rebooted Body has the best programs I have found for eating well and getting to the underlying problems that create failure. Kevin Michael Geary is profound in his thinking and inspiring in the hope he delivers. He always finds practical solutions for what looks like a difficult problem. I’m understanding more and more about the problems I’ve not been able to solve for years and I’m feeling great about everything I learn.

Daria E.
Academy Member

This program goes beyond anything I have ever done with regard to really understanding why I make the decisions I do – in all spheres of my life from what I eat, to how I make money, to how I interact with my family, and to how I know myself. If you do the work, you will find yourself. It doesn’t change you – you uncover your real self here. It’s hard work but the benefits are immeasurable!

Academy Member

I pulled out my old “skinnier me” clothes and several items now fit! I wore a skirt to church today that I haven’t fit in for over a year and it felt so good.

Holli W.
Academy Member

I was very skeptical of this whole process when I first started. I’ve been going to the gym for 10 years, swimming, running, hiking, and doing martial arts. I came to Rebooted Body to make things more intuitive and less obsessive, and reach the last few goals I have. I’m telling you, nothing has given me the results or the wellbeing that Rebooted Body has.

Khaled Murshed
Academy Member

I liked the concept of having “a healthy relationship with food” but didn’t really “get it” before I joined Rebooted Body. It’s been 30 days and now I’m starting to FEEL what that phrase means and it’s completely liberating. Oh, and I know this isn’t a weight loss program but I dropped 9 pounds as well. Bonus!

Academy Member

I joined Rebooted Body because I knew I would never reach the goals I had for myself unless I did something to get in control around processed foods. The psychology aspect of the process really appealed to me for that reason. I have to say, it’s exactly as advertised. It’s legit and it works.

Academy Member

Easily the most insightful and effective process I’ve ever done. Without a doubt, what I learned from Rebooted Body is going help me for the rest of my life. So far, I’ve completed Decode Your Cravings. I can’t wait to start Total Body Reboot next! Thank you, thank you!

Academy Member

I was a little skeptical when I started because I’ve done other programs in the past, but I can say without a doubt that Decode Your Cravings has taught me more about myself and my relationship with food than all the other programs I’ve done combined. Most importantly, though, this process has brought truly impactful changes to my life. It’s about way more than just eating. I’m busy telling everyone I can about it!

Academy Member

I have a wedding in November. Before Rebooted Body, I couldn’t zip my dress up. Well, I tried that dress on last night and it zipped all the way up without much of a struggle! I can’t express how happy I am that I’ve found the “secret” to getting to a happy weight without harming myself!

Sierra Durfee
Academy Member

My mood is stable and I’m sleeping like a baby. Concentration has improved. Menstrual cycle has regulated. Libido increased. Cravings are almost non-existant. I am a new person! I just feel healthy and strong.

Nicole Schmidt
Academy Member


“I’ve never been more consistent with healthy eating and exercise habits in my entire life.”


“I feel totally in control in situations that used to make me feel out of control.”


“It feels like a huge emotional weight has been lifted…”


“I’ve felt a powerful shift from self-sabotage, to self-care & self-love.”

Hormone Balance


“It’s like the need to cope with food is completely going away…”



“For the first time, I feel like I will never fall off the wagon again.”

Hormone Balance


“Stress doesn’t drive me off the rails anymore.”



“It feels like making healthy choices is ‘who I am.’”

This is the type of work that pays dividends for the rest of your life. It changes your entire relationship with food. It elevates every aspect of your life.

Choose From 3 “Mini-Blueprints”

What goal do you want to target?

Fat Loss

Learn how to adjust the Total Body Reboot core framework to turn your body into a metabolic furnance.

Health & Maintenance

The most practical, sustainable, and flexible protocol to achieve vibrant health and effortless maintenance.

Fitness & Performance

Learn how adjust the Total Body Reboot core framework to fuel your body for maximum performance.

Easily switch from one mini-blueprint to the other depending on your needs and goals at specific times of year or based on certain circumstances. Total Body Reboot is always appropriate, regardless of what you’re up to.