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I thought I had a good understanding of nutrition and health being a healthcare professional. I was very wrong! After a few short months with Rebooted Body, my body is better than ever. It’s an incredibly life altering experience and I would never go back to my previous lifestyle. This one is so much better! – Alma


Calorie-Focused Eating

Calorie-focused eating puts the focus on quantity instead of quality. It causes friction, resistance, and failure because it forces you to micromanage your eating habits & fails to meet your body’s needs.

Weight-Focused Tracking

Bodyweight is a terrible metric for tracking real progress. Between water weight loss, natural plateau periods, and the addition of lean muscle mass, worshipping the scale is a direct cause of friction, reistance, and failure.


Oppressive Exercise

The “no pain, no gain,” punishment approach to fitness destroys your relationship with exercise. It causes friction, resistance, and failure because it lacks internal motivation and requires too many physical, mental, and emotional resources to say “yes” to consistently.

Using Willpower & Discipline

Contrary to popular belief, willpower and discipline are not helpful tools, they’re failure triggers. Neither are unnecessary when you follow an authentic approach that integrates behavior psychology principles.

Real Nutrition

To lose fat, look great, and feel great you must eat for nutrition, enjoyment, and a strong metabolism. And you must do that without getting lost in the weeds of dogma or perfectionism.

Instinctual Habits

You’ll never need to micromanage your healthy lifestyle ever again because we teach an instinctual approach to eating, fitness, and self-care that is enjoyable and removes all the friction and resistance.

Real Fitness

Let us custom craft a fitness practice for you that’s 100% internally motivated, effective, sustainable, and that translates to real-world performance. You’ll never need discipline to stay in shape ever again.

Behavior Psychology

Lifelong success is not a logic and information puzzle. It’s a heart, soul, and psychology puzzle. Our expertise in behavior psychology is your secret weapon that no other program can offer you.

I’m down another 11 pounds, almost to the weight I was in high school. I’m 47 and I have lost more of my gut in less time than with anything I’ve done in the past. The difference is that with Rebooted Body’s process it feels different. It feels permanent! – Alex Del Rio

If you take a wolf out if its natural environment and domesticate it, you end up with a dog. If you do that for generations, you end up with an overweight, short, unhappy, useless dog that is prone to disease.

The landscape changed and the animal responded.

Isn’t that what’s happening to you? Have you been domesticated? Of course, in a lot of ways, it’s great to be domesticated. But it can also cause a lot of problems.

Wolves eat real food and dogs eat kibble. Humans used to eat real food and now we eat kibble too (what do you think Cheerios are?).

Add to that a pathological level of sedentism, poor sleep, and a lot of chronic stress. Our modern life is a recipe for the negative consequences you’re witnessing in your body.

Those negative changes are by design, by the way. Your body is trying to communicate with you, to let you know that things around you need to change.

If you change the inputs in an authentic way, you’re guaranteed to see a change in the outputs.

One of the beauties of the human body is its unbelievable resiliency. You can undo significant damage from decades of exposure to a destructive landscape in a few short months. All you have to do is learn how to navigate this new environment. To leverage its opportunities and avoid its destructiveness.

As you work with us, you’ll discover how to use our modern landscape to your advantage. And we’ll show you how to avoid the parts of it that will bring you harm.

This is your chance to roll-back the domestication process you’ve been subjecting to yourself to. In doing so, you will recover both your body and your life.

World-Class Programs

Join our academy and gain access to all our premium programs, including Total Body Reboot, Decode Your Cravings, and Instinctual Eating.

Global Support Family

Join everyone who is officially living the #RebootedLife in supporting and elevating each other. Our community is like one big family.

Coaching & Accountability

Weekly group coaching calls focus on celebrating wins, getting support & coaching, and being held accountable to specific, intentional action.

Monthly Workshops

Live & recorded monthly workshops, presented by Rebooted Body founder, Kevin Michael Geary and guest experts. Normally $29-$199, these are free to All Access members.

Premium Content Vault

Exclusive access to our growing vault of thousands of dollars in audio lessons, premium articles, video content, Q&A lessons, guides, workbooks, and more.

Monthly Challenges

Community-wide challenges and contests keep you engaged, moving forward, and having fun.

Total Body Reboot

(3 Parts / 25 modules / $397 value)

Reprogram your body and mind for sustainable fat loss, vibrant health, and peak performance with real-food nutrition, intrinsically motivated fitness, and powerful self-care habits.

Decode Your Cravings

(3 parts / 15 modules / $1200 value)

End your struggles with emotional, stress, and convenience eating, heal your relationship with food, and achieve rock-solid consistency.

Instinctual Eating

(9 modules / $249 value)

Harness the wisdom of your body, stop micromanaging your eating habits, and call a truce with food. Free yourself you from counting, tracking, and general food obsession.

Premium Content Vault

$1995 value – included for all members


Premium Articles

A growing body of premium articles on all the key topic areas, focused on both education and execution.

Premium Audio Lessons

Like the Rebooted Body Podcast? There’s a premium version exclusive to Rebooted Body All Access members.

Guides & Workbooks

Every guide and workbook we create gets stashed in our bonus content “vault” with clear instructions on how to put them to use. No, these will not self-destruct 🙂

Exclusive Video Content

We’re constantly updating the community with new workout and movement videos, cooking tips, and other actionable content.

Community Forums

Forums are powerful because they organize topics and conversations in a centralized location. They also provide a searchable database you can use to see all past posts and conversations.

Telegram Groups

Our Telegram groups give you immediate, private, and secure communication with all other members, from any device. Allows both group interaction and private messaging. (plus and VIP only)

Knowledge Base

An archive of solutions for common challenges and Q&A. Sometimes you don’t need to ask for help because you can find exactly what you need with a simple search in the Academy Knowledge Base.

Plus: Weekly Group Coaching Calls

You will have the opportunity to get on the phone with the Rebooted Body coaching team for a full hour every single week. These calls are perfect for getting personalized action steps, overcoming challenges, and staying accountable week to week. Or, maybe you just want to listen in and feel connected. Either way, they’re available to you live or through our on-demand archive.

(plus and VIP plans only)

Plus: Online Workshops & Master Classes

Each month we hold online workshops and master classes that go deep into specific challenge areas and provide you with clear action plans. Attend live or watch on-demand. Sometimes these events are led by us and sometimes they’re led by a guest expert. Many of these events sell for $49 – $199 dollars by themselves.

(plus and VIP plans only)

Stage One

Day 1 – Day 30


Begin with a strategic, real-food game plan focused on overcoming sugar dependence, restoring proper metabolic function, and dropping excess body fat.


Learn proven, real-world strategies for eating in restaurants and special events without sabotaging your progress or experiencing shame, guilt, or regret.

Lay the foundation for a custom, intrinsically motivated fitness practice that will never require willpower or discipline.

Stage Two

Day 31 – Day 60

Expand your eating game plan to maximize micronutrition, better fuel your fitness activities, and identify “vampire foods” that aren’t working well for your individual body.

Implement our “supplemental fitness” game plans to build functional strength and shred fat with only 2-3 short workouts (20-25 min) each week.

Learn practical tips & strategies for consuming alcohol, increasing carb intake, reducing stress, and experimenting with intermittent fasting.

Stage Three

Day 61 – Day 90

Implement practical strategies for getting more variety, joy, and fulfillment from your nutrition and fitness practices than ever before.

Make your body work and feel like a well-oiled machine with daily mobility, flexibility, and recovery movements that only take 10 minutes.

Create a powerful personal lifestyle manifesto to define and inform your lifestyle moving forward so you can continue to support your body as it drops excess fat, gets stronger and more useful, and heals from the years of damage it experienced in the past.

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You want to finally get a body and life you love without the chaos, obsession, perfectionism, and pain of the dieting model.


You want access to every premium program and resource we've ever developed, with a single click. You want to have all the pieces of the puzzle.


You value guidance, coaching, and support. You don't want to figure everything out on your own or be alone in the process.


You're done with dieting, band-aid fixes, and short-term thinking. You've tried that stuff and you know it doesn't work.


You're ready for a deeper, more authentic framework. You've yo-yo'd a lot in your life. You're ready to do this right and do it for good.


You want ongoing education and accountability. You're tired of all the conflicting advice. You want a trusted source that cuts through the dogma for you and you want to be held accountable to execution.


You want to be the best version of you possible, in all facets. You want to live a #RebootedLife and connect with others who are doing the same.


New Programs, No Added Cost.

All Access gives us the flexibility to create and deliver new tools & resources to you on a much faster schedule, and you never have to make a buying decision again.

Program Updates, No Added Cost.

The most successful processes get smarter, more efficient, and more effective over time. All Access brings you ongoing updates that make your existing resources even better.

A Unified Community

Giving everyone access to all the same tools & resources (instead of selling individual programs) creates unity. It allows us, and the community, to serve and support you better.

Deeper Personalization.

Our growing team will treat you like family and won’t let you fail. We’ll support you, coach you, and hold you accountable. If you haven’t logged in lately, we’ll pick up the phone and call you.

Access to Top Experts.

All access gives the ability to recruit the world’s best experts, bringing you their most effective tools & strategies without paying another penny.

More Value, Less Cost.

All Access is more affordable than trainers, coaches, and many gym memberships. Yet, it gives you tools and processes that replace all those things and brings you lifelong success.

Kevin Michael Geary

Founder & CEO | Eating & Behavior Psychology Coach

Kevin Michael Geary is the founder and CEO of and host of the top-15 Rebooted Body Podcast on iTunes. If you want to permanently close the gap between your good intentions and your day-to-day behavior, Kevin is the coach for you. He uses a unique blend of sustainable daily practices and behavior psychology principles to transform your health and happiness.

Kevin lives in Atlanta with his wife and two children (and a third on the way!). He loves photography, reading, writing, football, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and the beach.

Zach Franke AKA Health Coach Zach

Head Coach | Health Counselor

Zach Franke is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and has been health coaching since 2012. “Health Coach Zach” knows the struggle of processed food addiction and health recovery first hand and is committed to freeing as many men and women as possible from the challenges they face with food and fitness.

Zach is the head coach of the Rebooted Body Academy. He lives in Cincinnati, OH.

A Message from Kevin.

I see you trying so hard.

Counting, tracking, obsessing, and beating yourself down. Jumping from diet to diet and fad to fad.

I see your cycle of failure and frustration. I see the friction and resistance that makes your good intentions so difficult to act on consistently.

I’ve been there and I’ve felt it. I’ve also felt what it’s like to escape.

It starts with ending the micromanagement of food, weight, and health.

You can’t micromanage your way to health and happiness. You can’t micromanage your way to being in control. Micromanagers are not in control, they are controlling.

Look at the strategies and tactics you’ve been using to try and change your body and your life. Everything you’re trying to control is controlling you.

Each day that goes by is one more day spent as a prisoner of the old guard.

It’s one more day that you’re not engaging with the new model. One more day that you’re not moving toward authentic, sustainable health and happiness. One more day that you’re not living a #RebootedLife.

My message to you is simple. You can remove all the friction and resistance that stands between you and having a body and life you love. You can step out of the chaos. You can simplify success.

That’s what my team and I are going to do for you and that’s what this community we’ve built is going to support you in doing as they do it for themselves as well.

Today. Every day. Because you’re one of us.

Rebooted Body has the best programs I have found for eating well and getting to the underlying problems that create failure. Kevin Michael Geary is profound in his thinking, and inspiring in the hope he delivers. He’s passionate and always finds the underlying causes for what at first looks like an easy answer. I’m understanding more and more about the problems I’ve not been able to solve for years and I’m feeling great about everything I learn.

Daria E.
Academy Member

This program goes beyond anything I have ever done with regard to really understanding why I make the decisions I do – in all spheres of my life from what I eat, to how I make money, to how I interact with my family, and to how I know myself. If you do the work, you will find yourself. It doesn’t change you – you uncover your real self here. It’s hard work but the benefits are immeasurable!

Academy Member

Over the past several years I have been consuming health and fitness documentaries, books, blogs and articles like a madman—trying to separate fact from fiction and more importantly put it into some kind of actionable program or approach that I could adapt to get the body, the health, the energy, the life that I want. In my opinion, Rebooted Body has distilled the best of the content I have embraced from many different places and organized it into easily digestible and applicable phases. I finally have a clear path to victory. Thank you Kevin! Very inspiring.

Atom Smith
Academy Member

I pulled out my old “skinnier me” clothes and several items now fit! I wore a skirt to church today that I haven’t fit in for over a year and it felt so good.

Holli W.
Academy Member

I was very skeptical of this whole process when I first started. I’ve been going to the gym for 10 years, swimming, running, hiking, and doing martial arts. I came to Rebooted Body to make things more intuitive and less obsessive, and reach the last few goals I have. I’m telling you, nothing has given me the results or the wellbeing that Rebooted Body has.

Khaled Murshed
Academy Member

I liked the concept of having “a healthy relationship with food” but didn’t really “get it” before I joined Rebooted Body. It’s been 30 days and now I’m starting to FEEL what that phrase means and it’s completely liberating. Oh, and I know this isn’t a weight loss program but I dropped 9 pounds as well. Bonus!

Academy Member

I joined Rebooted Body because I knew I would never reach the goals I had for myself unless I did something to get in control around processed foods. The psychology aspect of the process really appealed to me for that reason. I have to say, it’s exactly as advertised. It’s legit and it works.

Academy Member

Easily the most insightful and effective process I’ve ever done. Without a doubt, what I learned from Rebooted Body is going help me for the rest of my life. So far, I’ve completed Decode Your Cravings. I can’t wait to start Total Body Reboot next! Thank you, thank you!

Academy Member

I was a little skeptical when I started because I’ve done other programs in the past, but I can say without a doubt that Decode Your Cravings has taught me more about myself and my relationship with food than all the other programs I’ve done combined. Most importantly, though, this process has brought truly impactful changes to my life. It’s about way more than just eating. I’m busy telling everyone I can about it!

Academy Member

I’ve been a bit nervous about fitting into my wedding dress because the last time I tried it on (before working with Rebooted Body) we struggled to zip it and it didn’t close all the way at the top. Well, I tried that dress on last night and it zipped all the way up without much of a struggle! I can’t express how happy I am that I’ve found the “secret” to getting to a happy weight without harming myself. I’m not stressed about having to “diet” to get into my wedding dress at the end of November, because I know eating real food will actually be good for me, achieve the same or better result and I won’t be starving myself or harming myself.

Sierra Durfee
Academy Member

My mood is stable and I’m sleeping like a baby. Concentration has improved. Menstrual cycle has regulated. Libido increased. Cravings are almost non-existant. I am a new person! I just feel healthy and strong.

Nicole Schmidt
Academy Member

I feel much better about the way I eat and I’m never hungry! I am very excited that I was able to lose 8.6 pounds in stage one — without exercise! Can’t wait to start the next stage Kevin!

Sara Myers
Academy Member

I’m down another 11 pounds, almost to the weight I was in high school. I’m 47 and I have lost more of my gut in less time than with anything I’ve done in the past. The difference is that with Rebooted Body it feels permanent!

Alex Del Rio
Academy Member

I’ve lost 28 pounds so far! I’m so inspired and gained so much confidence I decided to do an obstacle race! I’m so ready for next month. By the way this program works!

Dan Giles
Academy Member

I hit the 50 lb loss mark this morning! 20 lbs down in 6 months through measuring, calorie counting, shame, obsessiveness…then 30 lbs down in 6 months through Rebooted Body’s process (which gave me FREEDOM from that old junk). Oh and not to mention, 7 inches gone from my stomach! I can’t thank the Rebooted Body team enough.

Jody Walker
Academy Member

I’m down 2 dress sizes and still losing about 1lb per week. But I’m eating as much as I can eat! It still amazes me how easy this has been after years of battling a steadily expanding waistline.

Dawn D.
Academy Member

Straight-up, I am loving this new way of life! I’m making great progress with NO hunger, walking almost every day, and even my kids are getting into this. So thankful!

Billy Wilson
Academy Member

I’m really seeing life differently since joining Rebooted Body. I knew I had emotional connections linked with weight loss and now I can see how our minds/emotions play a part in how we function on a daily basis. Mind blowing! I see that how I’ve acted about my body/looks has affected my 18 year old daughter. I know hard days will come but I also know LOTS of good days will come too so I’ll keep plugging along absorbing and applying everything you’re teaching. It’s been an invaluable experience thus far. Thank you!

Joanna Storlie
Academy Member

It’s only been a week since I started working with Rebooted Body. I feel 85% better! I have not had a single lightheadedness episode since Sunday. I have positive healing under my arm (eczema) and most of my nagging joint aches are gone. Sleeping is better too! I am so grateful for this process!

Jessica Sullivan
Academy Member

I feel fantastic compared to 30 days ago! 30 days I ago I was bloated, ready to go up another pants size and my digestive system was a mess. Today, I feel lighter, sleeping like a baby and no joint pain when I wake up, pants are loose and I can visually see the difference. I didn’t need the scale to tell me I had lost a good amount of weight 🙂

Lisa Straker
Academy Member

I am stunned at how quickly the body responds to this regimen! People were commenting on superficial changes after only about twelve days, and I’d lost about 15lbs in three weeks. It hasn’t been a piece of cake, but the lack of digestive distress and fatigue I’d grown accustomed to after every meal has been a great motivator in keeping me focused. I’m curious to see what month 2 has in store; in the meantime, thank you for the program!

Shaun Dixon
Academy Member

I am 92 days into working with Rebooted Body and for the first time I am looking at my relationship to food very differently. I’m dropping pant sizes and I am sleeping better and feeling more energy than ever before–feeling so thankful for the Rebooted Body process and team!

Lisa Straker
Academy Member

I have to gloat for just a second. Im 74 days into this and have probably dropped multiple sizes. I fit into some clothes I haven’t been able to fit into in a very. long. while. Feeling good today! Overall stress and anxiety is so much lower too. Rebooted Body has been such a blessing in my life.

Erika Sharek
Academy Member

I am so inspired and motivated by my results! My usually fluctuating blood pressure has been stable since the end of the first week! I can tell my blood sugar has stabilized too, which was a huge goal for me. I feel alive again. At 63, working with Rebooted Body has been an eye-opening and life-altering experience.

Judy Holmes
Academy Member

I’m loving this program and can’t imagine ever wanting to eat another way again. No counting calories? No weighing/tracking food? No scales? No obsessiveness? Yes please! I’ve become a disciple and tell at least two people a day about Total Body Reboot! It’s literally the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.

Sonya Berry
Academy Member
So I start with Total Body Reboot? What are the other programs?

Great question. All of our programs are included with your membership.

If your main goal is to look great and feel great, then you’ll want to start with Total Body Reboot. That program is designed for real nutrition, fat loss and real fitness.

Having access to our other programs is great because 2/3 of men and women struggle with consistency and motivation related to their eating habits and their relationship with food. These emotional and stress eating issues are solved by our other programs, Decode Your Cravings & Instinctual Eating.

This is why our membership community model is so powerful. Every tool and resource you’ll ever need is at your fingertips.

How is everything delivered? How do I participate?

It’s very simple. If you can send an email, you can use our academy.

When you login, you’ll see a dashboard where you can choose the area you want to access. You’ll see the 3 guided programs and then you’ll see the other areas like the articles vault, the audio lessons vault, the forums, the peer-to-peer groups, and so on. Simply click on what you want to access.

The programs themselves are moduled-based and they’re a combination of an online curriculum, PDF workbooks, videos, and audio. They’re designed to fit all learning styles (we’ve been doing this successfully for years – it’s all a finely tuned process).

Choose a Plan

I don't want to spend a fortune on food. Can I still do this?

Absolutely. While eating organic, pastured-raised, etc. is great, it’s not necessary to succeed. We will show you how to win with conventional foods. And if/when your budget allows for it, you can choose to make upgrades if desired.

Choose a Plan

What is the difference between the three access levels?

It may be helpful to think of the three access levels like this:

  • Basic: I just want access to the programs and the forums. I do pretty well on my own (and I’m not lying to myself about that).
  • Plus: I want the full academy experience. I want access to everything and I want to support others, receive support from others, and I value coaching and guidance from Kevin & the Rebooted Body team.
  • Lifetime: I want everything, including all the support and coaching and all future products and programs you release, and I want to own access for life.

Keep in mind that you’re not locked into any plan that you choose. We can upgrade and downgrade if your needs change.

Choose a Plan

Do I have to pay monthly? Can I pre-pay?

We offer annual pre-pay options for each level (and you get a big discount because we love people who are all-in). All you have to do is click the button to join the access level you’d like. You’ll see the payment options at checkout. When your renewal is approaching, we will notify you ahead of time. Additionally, you can choose to pay for lifetime access.

Choose a Plan

If I do a monthly plan, is there a minimum number of months I'm committing to?

No, we are not forcing you to commit to anything. We want to help people who need help and want help. We want to serve people who are committed to themselves. You will clearly see, once you join, that we have exactly what it takes to make you successful. That’s what’s going to keep you around.

It’s important that you start this process with a mindset of offense and positivity, though. If you’re looking for reasons why this can’t or won’t work for you from the minute you join, we can’t help you. The only thing you’re going to do is waste our time, the time of our members, and your own time. Please don’t do that.

Choose a Plan

How long do I need to stay a member to get results?

This is one of the exact reasons we offer the membership model. Putting set timeframes on every single person is the same type of one-size-fits-all thinking that fails people. Everywhere you look, programs are promising “12 week transformations” or “90 day transformations.” These messages set up false and unrealistic expectations that sabotage you.

Every single person is different and that means their journey will look different. Some people may reach their goals in 4-6 months and some may require 2-3 years.

Real success is a steady process. If you want to do it right, so you can do it once and for all, then you need to ditch the “hurry up, quick fix” mindset. You didn’t get into your current state of body and mind in 90 days and you’re unlikely to get out of it in 90 days. This is an undeniable truth and anyone who shuns this truth in favor of quick fix promises is simply lying to themselves and wasting their time and money (and emotional stamina).

If you want to live a #RebootedLife, join with that intention. If you join with a “race to the finish” mindset, you’re very likely to sabotage yourself. Somewhere in your mind you know this is true, it’s just a matter of accepting it.

Choose a Plan

Will my tuition ever go up? Will you raise prices?

While we will likely raise the cost of tuition in the future, your personal tuition will never increase. Every single member is grandfathered into the rate they join at for as long as they are active.

Choose a Plan

I'm scared I'll be overwhelmed and do nothing.

We totally understand. That’s exactly why we provide individual attention to all members with the explicit focus of making sure you’re comfortable, that you know where to start, that you have a specific plan of action, and that you’re executing on it.

You have a direct line to us at all times, and the community you’re joining celebrates a culture of executing, getting results, and elevating each other. Results are going to happen for you.

Choose a Plan

I'm scared you can't help me. I have a track record of failure.

We specialize in taking people who have “tried everything” and making them successful. Understand that our programs and resources are not like anything else you have done. Everything we create is designed with lifelong sustainability in mind. It’s all expertly crafted to protect and heal your relationship with food, body, and Self and make your life less stressful. It’s all designed to overcome the problems you face in a way that you’ve never tried before.

Choose a Plan

After I sign up, are you going to sell me a bunch of shakes & supplements?

Ha, you know the industry too well! Thankfully, that’s not us. There will no shake or supplement upsells when you join.

Choose a Plan

What are coaching calls? When are they?

Coaching calls offer you a chance to get on a 60-minute conference call with our Rebooted Body Academy head coaches to discuss your challenges and get personalized coaching and advice. Considering that 1-1 coaching ranges from $125 to $250 per hour depending on the coach, these group calls provide immense value.

You also get to hear what others are working on and the advice we give them. This is great because others may ask a question or bring up a challenge that also applies to you, but that you didn’t think to ask.

All calls are scheduled well in advance so you can plan accordingly. We also schedule them to match up with various time zones as we have members all over the world.

Note: There are actually 2 coaching calls per week. One is focused on Total Body Reboot content (nutrition, fitness, self-care) and the other is focused on Decode Your Cravings content (mindset, psychology, consistency). You have lots of options each month.

Choose a Plan

Does my spouse have to pay full price?

Anyone who lives at the same physical address as you (spouse or otherwise) can add an account for half the tuition of the primary member. This can be done after the primary member completes registration. Simply log in and click the support button. Let us know you’d like to add a member and we will send you a special link to do so.

Choose a Plan

Can I speak to someone before I join?
Absolutely. Give us a call at (855) 487-2375.
If I need to cancel, how much of a hassle is it?

You can cancel your membership at any time by clicking the support icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and requesting cancellation. No forms to fill out and nothing to mail in. It’s that simple.

Choose a Plan